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Fetish Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System



If you’ve wanted to try bondage but you don’t have a four poster bed to set up your restraints, the Fetish Fantasy Web is perfect for you. The Fantasy Web is held in place by your mattress; no other points of attachment are needed. The Fantasy Web is adjustable to fit full, queen and king size mattresses and the multiple attachment straps can accommodate any height partner.

Installing the Fantasy Web is simple. The webbing is colour-coded for ease of use: red nylon indicates corner straps and black nylon is the web itself. Simply spread the black nylon web across your mattress and loop the four red corner straps under the corners of your mattress. Tighten the straps by inserting the free ends through the buckles on the centre web strap. The web should be nice and tight against the mattress with minimal give.

The included red nylon cuffs are sized to fit most and can be used interchangeably on either ankles or wrists. The cuffs come with Velcro, easy-release closures and are lined with soft neoprene to prevent chafing. On the back of each cuff, you’ll find a smaller, black nylon loop. This loop also has a Velcro closure and is sized so that it easily attaches to the Fantasy Web’s black webbing.

Once the web is installed, the real fun begins. With its 24 different strands, you can restrain your partner in some very creative ways. Spread-eagled or bottoms up, your partner will be helplessly displayed in your web of desire, awaiting your pleasure. Slip the included satin mask over their eyes for even more fun.

Materials, Safety & Texture

  • Neoprene, Nylon
  • Black, Red
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